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DJ Huh?What??

DJ Huh?What?? is a very active dj in the Twin Cities – from the radio to the club, all the way to the corporate event scene. Huh?What?? is the dj and co-host of the WE NEXT RadioTo the East Mornin' Show, all on St. Paul's newest radio station – WEQY 104.7 FM.  


DJ Huh?What??'s love for the local Hip Hop and R&B scene in Minnesota can really be felt listening to his show WE NEXT Radio. This weekly show appears first online, then broadcasts on Tuesdays at 8pm on WEQY, and is then followed up by the WE Next Mixtapes (available for FREE Download). 


He is not only a rising local dj but is also apart of the national dj organization, Fleet Djs who boast a national as well as global reach. DJ Huh?What?? produced and is featured on both of the MN Fleet Djs Mixtape series called #ONFleet (also available for FREE Download). 


DJ Huh?What?? specializes in mixing 80's, 90s, local, and today's music. 

To hear DJ Huh?What?? live and direct each week, tune in to Saint Paul, Minnesota's own WEQY 104.7FM, theVoice of the East Side

WE NEXT Radio Show 
Tuesdays 8-9pm


TO THE EAST Radio Show
Monday - Friday 7-9am


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