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Photo of The Abstract Pack from 1995
The Abstract Pack circa 1995

History of
The Abstract Pack

In 1998, The Abstract Pack released their debut album “Bousta Set It (For The Record)”.  It was an instant underground success that helped them gain a strong fan base from L.A. to Philly.  The classic hits YES, Go For Mine, and No Coast were favorites amongst the college and mix-tape dj’s. The album opened the door for The Pack to share the spotlight with some of hip hop’s most notable artists such as Redman, Xzibit, OutKast, and Common, Add to that, write-ups in Blaze, The Rap Pages, and The Source and is no wonder that The Pack were heralded as one of the best hip hop groups from Minnesota and earned them the honor of receiving the Twin Cities Hip Hop Legends Award in 2008.


After a 12-year hiatus the Pack re-united to create a sophomore project called “Ear-Responsible”. It was never released officially but it was leaked and only a few got a chance to hear it. The Abstract Pack’s 25-year anniversary is coming up and rumor is “Ear-Responsible” and a lot of other un-released Pack Material may finally be made available to every one. Stay tuned to Pack Material for upcoming announcements. 


St. Paul low-power radio station WEQY seeks to give East Side a voice 
February 11, 2016 by JAMES WALSH

On a recent Monday morning in a tiny storefront radio studio, DJ Huh What danced as if no one was watching — and enthusiastically played hip-hop and R&B music as if everyone was listening.

Of course, with a 3-mile broadcast signal radius, no phone lines into the studio and no market metrics to measure...

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Up Rock on Abstract Pack, the EP, and the Hip Hop Harambee 
September 14, 2012 by JACK SPENCER

A staggering amount of quality hip-hop acts will congregate in the Nomad World Pub's parking lot this Saturday for the much anticipated Hip Hop Harambee. It's advisable to arrive early to catch the innovative duo Up Rock, comprised of Digie and Dundee of the legendary St. Paul crew Abstract Pack. Their innovative, electronic-inspired sound is refreshing and...


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The Abstract Pack: Family First and Foremost 
August 25, 2010 by KWAKU.ADU-POKU

The Abstract Pack is back with a new LP entitled Ear-Responsible. They’ve managed to resist all urges to go more mainstream with their sound, and create a “popular” record by staying true to themselves and the original philosophy that the group set out with 12 years ago; to create their own lane and...


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The Abstract Pack, “Ideas of Grandeur” 
July 8, 2010 by BLAKE GILLESPIE

“Ideas of Grandeur” was shot entirely with the iPhone, which ironically gives the group cred in the low-budget department. Pretty ill how an iPhone can make your group's video look as though it were shot in the 90s. There was always a heavy handful of grainy videos, much like this one...


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